Full-Text Search is not enabled for the current database

After using the redeployment tools it is sometimes not possible to search for KB articles in CRM. The error which shows up (either on the screen or in the event viewer) is:

Full-Text Search is not enabled for the current database. Use sp_fulltext_database to enable full-text search for the database.

Here is the resolution:

Ensure that the Microsoft search service is running and set to start automatically. This can be verified under the Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.
Enable (or re-enable) full text search on the databases. Open Query Analyzer and connect to the production databases. Run the following query, where is the database that ends with “_MSCRM”:

use <database>
exec sp_fulltext_database 'enable'

Repopulate the catalogs. This is done by going into the _MSCRM database, looking at the Full Text Catalogs under the database, and right clicking on the ix_* file and clicking on “Start Full Population”. Populating the index might take some time. However, there should be no impact on the users during this time.


Matt Wittemann said...

Thanks for the entry on how to fix the error you get about using sp_fulltext_database when searching KB articles doesn't work after re-deployment.

Ronald Lemmen said...

You're welcome :)

I've been struggling with that message for quite some time. I'm glad that I could help you!

Unknown said...

Please let me know the procedure to "Repopulate Full Text Catalog" in SQL Server 2005.

sahar said...

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