Enjoy the summer

Time for some Cme! Last week I've been doing some kind of a euro trip together with one of my friends Ed. Within 8 days we have visited:
- Germany
- Austria
- Slovenia
- Croatia
- Italy
- Swiss
- France
- Belgium
- And ofcourse The Netherlands...

The main goal of the holidays was to visit another friend, Walter. He's a travelguide in Croatia this summerholiday. Let's show you some picture we have made. You can click them to view them a bit better. Not too good though, because I don't want to scare you off :)

This is our fellowship of the holidays. Left is Walter, Ed is in the middle and that makes me on the right side:

And our tent:

Believe it or not, we even have made food ourselves on this camping!

During our stay there we have visited some of the ATP tournament matches. One of the players we have spotted is Moya:

After Croatia we have been searching for Mickey. And where can you do that better then in Euro Disney Paris:

Last but not least, watch this one:

As you can see, I have been doing a lot. I hope you have had a wonderful time as well!


Anonymous said...

You've must have felt like a rockstar of DJ travelling that much countries in a short period.

Ronald Lemmen said...

As you can see on the last picture, I'm mr. Incredible :-)
No serious, I really enjoy traveling. Even when it has to be in a short time, altough I prefer longer holidays. There are still some places I want to go to like Australia, New Zealand, Africa and South America...

Anonymous said...

Heeeeeeeeeeej gozah :P
jij ook al aan de blog?

Anonymous said...

Wow, ziet er leuk uit!!! Ben je bruin geworden???