Article in .NET Magazine #12

Together with Sahin Ozdemir, one of my direct colleages, I have written an article regarding MS CRM 3.0 for the nr 1 Microsoft Developer magazine in the netherlands: .NET Magazine. Ofcourse all the Dutch readers already have a free (yeah, Dutch people love free things) subscription, otherwise get one now at: !

Back to the topic. We wrote an article, in Dutch, for programmer's. The main topics are:
- Customization tools
- ISV script / Form customization
- ISV code
- Import / Export
- Pre / Post-callouts
- Workflow services
- CRM Reports

A quote of one of the many replies we've got:
"This is the first time that a business application which improves productivity for programmers is exposed in a highly technical magazine on a way which is very interesting for .NET developers. This article does show perfectly what the addition is of Avanade in .NET minded Netherlands!"

Download the article here (Dutch only).

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lava said...

You CRM blog is great, i wanna add you, in the mean times, i am making one, can you add me in your link?