Dynamic picklists and other samples

Somebody asked me for some advice on how to create dynamic picklists. I have seen this question in the newsgroups several times as well. Now you might expect that I do have a coding sample for you, but I did not create one. And still I do have one which you can download here. Now... If I didn't create it, who did?

Microsoft did create this for you. And made it available. And even better. You probably do have it already! If you have downloaded the SDK, then you have this coding sample already. If not, then download the SDK here. In this SDK is not only the CHM file explaining how to work with the CRM API, but also a lot more information in separate files. I'd suggest you to take a look in the folder "sdk samples". In this folder you will find multiple folders including "fullsample". This fullsample folder does give you the following examples:

- activity events
- callout sample (both vb and c#)
- callout sample 2 (both vb and c#)
- databinding
- duplicate detection
- dynamic picklist
- import export publish (both vb and c#)
- metadata diagram (both vb and c#)
- workflow plugin (both vb and c#)

Next to the fullsample, also take a look at the other folders in the sdk samples directory. This might save you a lot of work!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, cool highlight Ronald. Thanks!

Ronald Lemmen said...

You're welcome my friend :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronald, I have a question. Maybe there are other who have done the same. I would need to have a picklist working in CRM 4.0?
Thanks Alex

Anonymous said...

Can this sample be extnded to Filtering attributes which are entities records (only to filter them , no add/update)?
Thanks for the great post