My current project

Hi Guys,

Last weeks I've been working very hard for my current customer. Together with a team in the Londen, UK and a team in Hyderabad, India I'm working on a very interesting project. We're creating a CRM system for the London office of my client which will connect to a global CRM implementation and which will also have a self service web interface. This project does take a lot of time and that's the reason why I have not been posting much.

Right now I am in India at our offshore development team. They are doing a great job and it is a pleasure to work with these guys. They make my stay here a real pleasure and an unforgettable time. Here are some pictures.

I hope to have a little bit more time now to post more interesting posts. I have some interesting topics ready, just need to make them real posts :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronald,

Are you in Hyderabad? How long are you in India? I'm from Hyderabad!


Saritha said...

You went to India! I envy you... Hope you had fun...