Speaker at Dutch Dynamics CRM User Group

Last week at the 4th of October, there was the first session for the Dutch Dynamics CRM User Group. This session was organized by the Dynamics User Group (http://www.dynug.nl) and hosted by Generali. The goal of this User Group is to get customers together and learn from eachother and have a voice within Microsoft.

The agenda for this meeting was:

- Welcome and Introductions
- User Group and Microsoft
- Microsoft Dynamics CRM Migration
- Break
- Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration
- Open discussion
- Informal end

The organization has asked me to be the speaker for the topic Migration and Leon Krancher, one of my colleagues, was asked for the topic Integration. The both of us have been guiding the open discussion and answering interesting questions regarding training, user adoption and implementation issues. The presentations will come online on the website for the DynUG for members.

Evaluation of this first session showed that it was a great success. The average of all the attendants thought the sessions were good or very good. The organization, Leon and myself are very happy about this event and are looking forward for the next meeting. I hope to see even more customers by then!

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darksander said...

As I didn't find a post about what I'm interested in regarding migration, I'll post a question here and hope you'll respond :).
So, the thing is I tried to import, using Data Migration Framework, some test entities, first leads, which succeeded, then contracts along with contract details, which didn't succeed. After playing a little and searching a little more I found that I need to insert the customer (also in the CDF tables) in order to create the contract(s), and they did get migrated, but not the details.
I took a glance at the forms for the contract and contract details to make sure I'm providing all the data required, but I still can't migrate the contract detail entities.
Thank you for any response,

If you'd like, you could send me an email with your response and, if it's not visible, this is it: florin dot sander at gmail dot com