MVP for the 3rd consecutive year

Hi Guys,

As a reward for community work last year, Microsoft has again reawarded me the Microsoft CRM MVP! I am very much pleased with this award because as one of my colleagues said: Getting to the top is hard, but staying there is even harder!

Last year I have spend a lot of time on doing community work again. I have spend a lot of time preparing for presentations like deepdive sessions and CRM 4.0 presentations. Furthermore this blog has been extended with quite some posts. And although there were not as much posts from me as in the year before, I did do spend a lot of time on the newsgroups en forums to help out people.

Once again I would like to encourage all of you to share your knowledge. Answer questions in newsgroups and forums. Or prepare a presentation about something you have been working on and share this with your colleagues. My girlfriend has a t-shirt which says: "Knowledge is power". I agree with that, but I am confident that sharing knowledge is even more powerfull!

See you around in the communities!


Jeffry @ CWR Mobility said...

He Ronald,

Congratulations with this recognition for your community work!


Dutch CRM guy said...

He Ronald,

Congrats with your MPV ship, let's celebrate it with a beer! :)


Gagandeep Singh said...

Hi Ronald,

Congratulations to you. You truly deserve to be one as many of my questions were answered by refering your blog.

Best Regards,
Gagandeep Singh

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ronald!