Changing default organisation

You can change the default organisation by opening the configuration manager. In this tool you can rightclick on the organisation which you want to set as default and click "set as default". You'll see that the name of the organisation has changed to: Orgname (default).

After you perform an IISReset you would expect the new default organisation to open up when you browse to your CRM server. Unfortunately that doesn't work immediately. My fellow MVP Marco Amoedo wrote this post in the community to explain why and how to change that behavior:

Hi Tony,

The default organisation will no change for the already created users, this change will only be applied for new users created after the change. This means that this changes is not applied in a retroactive fashion, only the new users that you create will have that organisation as default.

Each user record have stored the default organisation, so you would need to change them for each one of the already created users. You have two mechanisms. Either use this tool provided by Microsoft Support

Or directly modify the CRM Database to change the DefaultOrganizationId on the SystemUser table (like it is proposed here

In either case, make a backup of the databases before just in case.

Hope it helps

Marco Amoedo


Unknown said...

One thing we discovered is the Microsoft Support tool makes 'significant' changes to the customizations file. It is imperative that you have a backup of the customizations file before you run the tool. After running the tool you will need to re-import your customizations.


Anonymous said...

I am Mojtaba and I am a beginner a Microsoft crm programming.
I work for one company that want to develop Microsoft crm for their needs.
I want to run work flow that when I create a phone call activity that just filled by phone number, this work flow check all of leads and contact and account and find owner of this phone number and set that in regarding field.
How can I do this?
Please help me, thanks so much.

The Dissonance said...

Check out the CRM SDK at or ask this in the CRM forums at

Ronald Lemmen said...

You could do this by creating a plug-in on the create event of the phonecall activity. You can then search through CRM and once you find a lead, contact or account, you can update the phonecall.

I would recommend you to rethink your process though. I would expect that the person on the phone would first lookup the record of the person he/she is talking to. After having found the record, then a phone call activity will be made. This keeps your database a lot cleaner and saves you a the time needed to develop and maintain custom code.


Anonymous said...

I would need this tool to change the default organisation, but the link is no longer working. Anyone got it still? If so please send to ennol(at)