Speaking at the Epicenter 2010

If you don't have plans for this week yet, then you should consider coming over to Dublin for the Epicenter 2010. Matt Wittemann and myself will be doing presentations at this event around Dynamics CRM and xRM on Wednesday the 9th of June.

Next to these sessions I'd like to share some of the other highlights of the event:
Tuesday - Chris Horn on the Future of Irish Software with the Governments Innovation Strategy.
Wednesday - AOL Architect Ken Wilson on Web Service Design plus lot's of MVP .NET & Java stuff.
Thursday - Matt Raible's Web Framework smackdown plus HTML 5, Semantic, jQuery UI etc.
Friday - The results of a global cloud survey are revealed, plus cloud and mobile sessions including Windows Phone 7

Have a look at the website and/or the promotional video

Feel free to bring your most difficult questions!


The Dissonance said...

Ronald, we should expand this to a post for the CRM Team Blog. What is Epicenter and what are you going to be presenting? :O)

Ronald Lemmen said...

I should have thought about that earlier Jim. The presentations we're yesterday. Matt's presentation was about how to extend the native functionality of Dynamics CRM. My presentation was a developer dive into how to build xRM applications and the best practises. The content was well received, I'm looking forward to next year. I won't forget your offer to put this on the team blog then :)