Can't remove licenses in Office365 yourself? Yes, you can!

So you've figured out which users are not active in Office365 anymore. You've removed their licenses and deleted the account, so you've got a license available for reassignment to another user. But what if there is no other user and you want to stop paying for the license? Most blogs say that you'll need to create a Microsoft support call, but this actually is not necessary. You can do this yourself by following the next steps:

- Open the office365 administration portal
- In the left navigation go to "Billing"
- The pick "Subscriptions"
- Next is clicking on the link for the subscription where you wish to return licenses for
- Under the text indicating the amount of users, there's a link "Change quantity"
- Pick "Remove licenses" and click "Next"
- Enter the amount of licenses you wish to remain (you can't do this wrong, the system won't let you remove licenses that are still assigned)
- Press "Place Order"

Good luck!

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