Generic errors while importing solution in Dynamics CRM 2016

While importing an update for a solution or a new solution that is building on top of another solution, then you might face generic error messages. This blog post provides a possible solution for the scenario when the CRM solution import dialog mentions a "Generic SQL error" while downloading the log file serves you the message "0x80044150: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.".

I have found that for some reason it is possible that the Description attribute of an entity is not included in the customizations file when exporting from Dynamics CRM 2015. If this is the case, then the system will crash during import when it tries to determined if the LabelDescriptionHasChanged.

You can confirm that this is the issue by running the following SQL script:
SELECT objectcolumnname, s.FriendlyName 'Solution FriendlyName', label, objectid, LanguageId
FROM [LocalizedLabelAsIfPublishedView] l
LEFT OUTER JOIN solution s ON l.solutionid = s.solutionid
LEFT OUTER JOIN entity e ON l.ObjectId = e.EntityId
WHERE = 'new_entity'

Of course you'll need to change the new_entity to the schemaname of your entity. If this query results only the LocalizedName and LocalizedCollectionName but no "Description", then this is could very well be the cause of the error messages. Another way to confirm is to check the customizations file, search for the entity and determine if the tag <Descriptions> is present.

The way to solve this is quite easy. In your source system, go to the correct entity, add a description and export the solution again. You will need to remove the previous solution from the target environment though.


CrmOnlineUser said...

Hi Ronald, this is a very bad situation, i'm shocked. Before we upgraded to CRM2016 it was no problem to upgrade our solution from our onpremise dev system to the online productive system. Now we face this generic sql error, but we cannot remove the solution from our productive system, as there is allready a ton of data present. is there no other way? Are you aware of a statement from MS?

Thank you in advance..

CrmOnlineUser said...

Hi, me again, we could solve this by create entity descriptions on both installations, dev and productive. after that, the import worked as expected. thank you very much for your solution to this.

Anonymous said...

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Subhash said...


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