How to rename area's

Quite often I see the question "how do I rename an area in CRM v3.0?".

I could write an own example, but Arne Janning already did so in the public community. Here's his post:

In the CRM-web-client click --> Settings --> Customization --> Export Customizations --> mark Site Map --> More Actions --> Export Selected Customizations --> Hit OK on the dumb dialog.

You get a customizations.xml-file to download. In that file you'll find five area-elements: Workplace, SFA, MA, CS, Settings. These areas define the top-level structure of the "Wunderbar" (the Outlook-style navigation).

This is an example for an area-element:
<area id="SFA" shape="RECT" coords="0,0,0,0" resourceid="Area_Sales" icon="/_imgs/sales_24x24.gif" descriptionresourceid="Sales_Description">
To customize this you could add the "Title"-attribute to overwrite the ResourceId:

<area id="SFA" title="Clients" shape="RECT" coords="0,0,0,0" resourceid="Area_Sales" icon="/_imgs/sales_24x24.gif" descriptionresourceid="Sales_Description">The strucure of the sitemap is well documented in the SDK, which BTW has been updated and improved lately :o)

Microsoft CRM 3.0 SDK

Client Programming Guide --> Navigation Configuration: SiteMap

Once you have finished your customizations in the sitemap you can upload the again:

Settings --> Customization --> Import Customizations --> select your file --> upload, publish and hit F5 to reload the Wunderbar.

Hope that helps.

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