It's been a while since my last posting. Well, for that I do have a good reason. I've been in France, Alpe d'Huez, for a week for winter holidays. Until the day before my holidays I didn't know for sure if I could go on holidays because of a high priority CRM project. Luckily for me the project has been delayed and so I have been snowboarding a week long!

I've been back for several days now but I'm still walking around with pain in my muscles. Not too weird though if you know that every day me and my friends started with a black piste for warmup and furthermore spending the day off-piste and in the funpark ;-)

Here's a picture of me with one of the jumps last week.

Are there more snowboarders who work with CRM? Or should I put it the way around: Are there more people who work with CRM and do a bit of snowboarding in their spare time? ;)


Anonymous said...

FYI, this discussion is going on via the Mini MSFT blog. Would be nice to see someone on your team either address the customers concerns and/or explain why they're inaccurate:

"Let's use the latest release of Microsoft CRM 3.0 as an example. My company is struggling trying to use this thing. Clearly, the conversation outlined above was taking place, because very little effort was being made creating a usable product. Where CRM should integrate with Outlook Calendar and Task, it doesn't and can't. Where it does integrate makes little sense. The areas we want to modify and customize, we can't because it won't. The areas we can modify and customize don't make any sense. Simple things like auto-filling fields when creating new activites don't happen, and apparently can't. Reports don't. Scripting doesn't. If you have Outlook open, the IE interface behaves differently and in odd ways than if Outlook is closed, which it never really is. You send an email from CRM and it appends a very ugly tag TO THE SUBJECT LINE where your potential customer can see that he is not important enough to get a non-mass generated email, if he gets the email at all because most spam filters pick it up and discard it because of the ugly numerical tag inserted on the subject line identifying the email as coming from a CRM system. Organization and workflow are non-existant. What we have is a highly modifiable product that doesn't do anything well, and some things not at all."

Anonymous said...

I think there are more, but this time I work hard at updateting to 3.0 from 1.2 Greetings,