Save disabled fields


I was reading a posting of Ben Vollmer about "Doing Math in Microsoft CRM aka Calculated Field". This is an interesting article, but I noticed something in the posting that I did not know yet. There is a possibility to submit fields which are disabled! I have been using calculated fields before, but I always enabled the field when submitting the page.

So what is the solution? The use of the ForceSubmit attribute.
crmForm.all.field.ForceSubmit = true;

See the SDK for more info


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ronald, I knew there was something I could do to categorize those received emails in the queues!
Can I put a link to your blog on my CRM blog?

Ronald Lemmen said...

Ofcourse you can. Please give me the url of your blog and I'll updat this post:

Stuart said...

Excellent! Thanks Ronald - thought my bug fix was going to turn out to be a day's investigation but instead turned out to be a simple one-liner.