Stop using VS 2003 and start using VS 2005 for CRM Development

Most of the development for MS CRM v3.0 I do in Visual Studio 2003. This is because callouts needs to be built on .NET Framework v1.1. All the projects built with Visual Studio are .NET Framework v2.0. Since I dont want to switch between several IDE's all the time, I only use VS 2003.

Today is the day that I found a very interesting blog posting of Arash. See this post for information on how to build your callouts in VS 2005. So, read the post, download his MSI and get rid of Visual Studio 2003!


Anonymous said...

Thx your information, it's really help us for integerated development. Is there a way to design reports for repoting servise 2000 in VS 2005?

Ronald Lemmen said...


Unfortunately you cannot create a Report in VS 2005 for SQL Server Reporting Services 2000. This is due to the difference in the .NET Framework they're build on. In theory you should be able to create a report in VS 2005 and get it working in SRS 2000, but you'll need to get some code out of the report. But if that is what you want... At least, I wouldn't do so.

Try to get your customer on to SQL server 2005 :)