Dutch champion Judo

This is my first post not related to CRM, C# or myself. Instead, this post is about my little sister Iris. We do both practice Judo, there’s just this little difference in the level we do play this. I’m doing it just for recreational purposes and she’s putting all effort in being the best.

And she does a great job! Last week she managed to beat all Dutch competition! Now she’s Dutch Champion for the 2nd time. The first time was back in march 2005. I’m very proud of this achievement and believe me, you’ll see her in the Olympics in just some years!

She has her own webpage on http://www.irislemmen.nl

Well done girl!

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Anonymous said...

Dutch judo is strong - so to succeed in Holland pretty much means you are a world class athlete.

I'd love to train in Holland - I was born there but I live in Australia now and train at Budokan Judo Club in Sydney.

We've got a Dutch family here who trained at the Sportinstitute Schiedam as well.

Best of luck with the training tell your sister to come to visit when in Australia.