A schema validation error has been detected

More and more MS CRM developers are experiencing this error message:

A schema validation error has been detected at line 21087, position 16.

This error shows up if you want to import a customizations file which has been exported from a system which has the Update Rollup package 1 installed.

There may be multiple reasons for this error to show up, but at least one of them is the existence of one of these lines in your code:


To solve the error message, just remove the line from the code or install the rollup package 1. For information and download of the package go here: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/922815

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Anonymous said...

One thing you could do is use the customization.xsd of the CRM machine you are importing on (and that gives the schema validation error when importing) and validate your customizations.xml "manually" in e.g. VS2005:
- open your customizations.xml in Vs25005
- add the customization.xsd to the Schemas property of the XML
- Save the xml document.
- Watch for Error list for errors/warnings

The customization.xsd can be found in the _Resources folder of the CRM Server install folder.

This is what helped me in finding a solution for a schema validation error.