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Avanade has create a profile for me on their public website in the experts section. It's quite a honer to be listed within the same list as Matt Joe, Dennis Mulder and Matt Parks.

If you want to become an Avanade expert as well, feel free to contact me (ronaldl at avanade dot com) and I'll make sure that you get in contact with the correct HR person.


Little CC Kitchen said...


nice to meet you here.
I will be joining Avanade (Singapore) in 22-Feb next year.
Didnt realise that you are in Avanade too.
Your post did help me up while i'm still new to CRM.
hope can work with you in someday.

p/s: i'm still not too sure does Avanade will put me in CRM fields or not.

Ronald Lemmen said...

Congratulations with your new job and welcome to Avanade!

You can always mention to your career manager and solution director that you'd like to move to the CRM service line, we're always looking for the best people in the market :)

Have a wonderful christmas,


Little CC Kitchen said...

I cant at the moment because i have an agreement that will not handle CRM in my current company's competitor.

Think will focus on SQL development fisrt.

Ronald Lemmen said...

That is too bad, but now you're forced to learn something new. That is always a good thing to do, to broaden your horizon.

Good luck and feel free to send me a message as soon as you have joined Avanade.

Kind regards,

Little CC Kitchen said...

that's not an issue to me. cause my base knowledge is SQL.

I believe Singapore branch pick me because of my SQL skillset.

Anyway nice to meet you here.