Food for hungry IT-people

For 3 years I'm working for Avanade, the joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture. Since 2004 we're located in the Netherlands and we have managed to grow from 17 to 100 Microsoft professionals. Now I ask you to help us grow even further!

Worldwide we are an organization of more then 5000 professionals and we're looking for more people who are willing to be part of the worlds largest IT consultancy dedicated to Microsoft solutions. For job openings in an office near you, take a look at:

So why the title "Food for hungry IT-people"? It's part of our recruitment campaign in the Netherlands. Everybody from the Netherlands or Belgium should definately take a look at this site: It's a movie in which you are the main player! But that's life within Avanade. Here each person is a main player themselves!

Here are some unique points which makes at Avanade my company:
- Joint venture between Microsoft en Accenture
- Large projects with a pure focus on Microsoft technologies
- Being the first to work with new technologies (Even closer that you can imagine: I'm having contact with the CRM Product Team myself!)
- Both Solution Development and Infrastructure projects
- Extensive focus areas like Dynamics CRM and AX, Information Worker, BI, .NET Development and Enterprise Integration.
- Great development possibilities (You'll need to get MCPD or MCSE certified within a year or two)
- Worldwide knowledge sharing, efficient collaboration
- Positive, collegial and above all a professional mood

Feel free to ask me about working for Avanade. Ofcourse you can also directly contact one of my colleagues in Human Resources. For the Netherlands that will be Noortje:, for other countries look at:

While applying you may mention my name. Only real CRM professionals read this blog right? :)

I'm looking forward saying: "Welcome to Avanade!" to all of you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronald,

I enjoyed reading your blog about working for Avanade. I have a phone interview with them tomorrow and was wondering what the company's interview process is like. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'll gladly mention your name to them if you want. Thanks!


Ronald Lemmen said...

Hi Jeff,

Good luck with your interview tomorrow. I can't say too much about how the process will be. Every country and all the interviewers have their own questions to ask. I can only advice you to be as relaxed as possible.

Where / with whom will you have an interview?