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I've been tagged two times by now. Once by Nigel van Houten and once by Sander Schutten. It's a game on blogs. If you get tagged, you need to give 5 useless facts about yourself and tag 5 other people. So here are my 5 useless facts:

1) I do know both Sander and Nigel of the 'Hogeschool van Amsterdam'. Thats the school where we all have studied Information Technology.

2) During my studies I have stayed in Finland (Espoo) for half a year and another half a year in Germany (Hannover). Both stays were for my studies, but next to studying I had a great time there as well. I'd definately like to go to Finland once again. Just like Australia, New Zealand and and and... a lot of other countries I still want to visit.

3) Next to traveling and working I do spend a lot of time with my wonderful girlfriend. Her name is Nathalie and she's working as a biologist for a hospital in Amsterdam. Next to working there she's doing a study as well!

4) Next to traveling and working and spending time with Nathalie, I do play Judo and snowboarding. Since about half a year I do have black belt judo. With snowboarding I'm not that good yet. I wish to somewhen learn a 360...

5) Really useless, but if I didn't do computer science, I would be working with plants probably :)

Now its time to tag some others. Hereby I do tag:
- Nathalie :
- Aram :
- Erik / Jeffry :
- Imran :
- Philip :

Happy tagging :)

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Nigel said...

Ghe, finally :)

Will be seeing you next week!