Virtual PC 2007 Beta: Keyboard Problems (repeating keys)

About everybody who's using the beta of VPC 2007 is facing the same problem: Keys are being repeated again and again. When searching around on the internet, I found that this bug has been submitted and will be fixed in the RTM. Furthermore I found that there is a temporary solution. The workaround is to use the idle_thread. Now how do you set this setting?

- Use Explorer and go to the %root%\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Microsoft\Virtual PC folder.
- Right-click the Options.xml file, and then click Edit.
- Add the following code to the file.

<enable_idle_thread type="boolean">true</enable_idle_thread>

Note: The <virtual_machines> tags should be at the same level in the code as the <virtual_network> and <virtual_gateway> tags.

The CPU for the host system will indicate 100% usage. Another option is to use RightMark RMClock and activate the "Run HLT commands when OS is idle" option. See Jan Tielen's blog for more info regarding that.


MSCRM Freak said...

Hey Ronald, as of January 02 2007 the Release Candidate for Virtual PC 2007 is available. I am blogging about it in my next posting in a couple hours.

Ronald Lemmen said...

Thats good news! I do see it on the beta site now as well. I'm downloading it right now and will see if this bug has really been fixed.