Convergence MVP foto

Here's a picture just made some seconds ago. From left to right: JaAG, Ronald Lemmen, Frank Lee, Scott Colson. Matt Parks is running around somewhere as well, but he didn't make it to the photoshoot.

I'll add some more pictures of the event later.


Jeffry @ CWR Mobility said...

Do I see a yellow "Community Guru" t-shirt there? ;)

Mujo said... thing I don't see is the
back of your jacket :).
Perhaps it has some nice logos on it.

Unfortunately I didn't make it
to the E-learning site as well
(not authorized), but that can be

Have fun over there!

Ronald Lemmen said...

Hi Jeffry,

Its indeed the community guru shirt :)

Mujo, the vest does have the Microsoft Dynamics logo in small on the front and no logo on the back. Luckily! It's a nice one though. Make sure you make many valueable posts on the newsgroups and you'll get an mvp with its benefits as well haha!