CRM as Development Platform

One of the questions that Steve Ballmer got after his keynote session was:

Love where we're going with CRM, it's beautiful. If we look at the CRM platform and generize it, what it really is, is a platform enabling tool. A framework for quickly developing and deploying any type of application. Make it web enabled, webservice enabled, all right out of the box. Do you plan to generize, or let me change that, productize that in a certain way? So... It's not CRM, CRM is the first implementation.

Uhm... YES!
But today would not be the day for me to go through any more then that. You were right in understanding the direction and vision and path we need to take. And when we have details, we would certainly be glad to share them. But that is probably not today unfortunately. We're still working some things through.

In the future we'll see what this exactly means...

Updated this post with the exact question and answer.


godmcse said...

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Ronald Lemmen said...

Hi Johnny,

I kindly would like to ask you to place your questions in the public newsgroups. I'm glad to help people out, but the work I do is all voluntary. Just like everybody else I have deadlines as well. Please respect this.

Other people in the newsgroup might help you earlier then I can.


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