Free Dynamics e-courses training

In the Convergence Update 2 I have mentioned that the E-Courses for Dynamics products are becoming available for free if you're inrolled in customersource or partnersource. Another MVP and Mujo who has replied to that posting have informed me that the e-courses are not available yet. They still get an access denied error message.

Now I've been in direct contact with the person in charge with this. He told me that not all the customer accounts got changed correctly. If you do not get access to the e-courses, then send an email to voice@microsoft. In the email make clear that you wish to get access to the dynamics e-courses, your company name as well as your account number (look in voice, accessible from the customer/partner source website).

Try again after confirmation that your account has been changed and start learning. The courses are great, especially for getting started or exam training!

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