Convergence Update

This event is amazing!

I'm astonished by the set-up of this event, the attendees and all the good news which is being announced. I just attended the keynote session by Satya Nadella. There were made quite some interesting announcements:
- Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 will be available on March 31 2007
- Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 will be available in June 2007
- Microsoft Dynamics SL 7 will be available in June 2007
- Microsoft Dynamics Client for Microsoft Office and SharePoint® Server, a new Dynamics client, will be released in May 2007
- Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step, a new tool set for implementation,
- Online finance community, a new online community being introduced today that enables finance professionals

Just a bit more information on some of the new products.

The Microsoft Dynamics Client for Microsoft Office and SharePoint® Server will be available for GP 10.0, AX 4.0 and SL 7 in May 2007. It will become available for Nav with the 5.1 release. For more information about the announcement see:

Microsoft Sure Step is an implementation methodology and a set of tools to make the implementation of Dynamics products a lot more predictable. In the keynote session a tool was shown which reflects a company structure on which you can drill down to each department, employee, process etc.

Online finance community is the first community released by Microsoft which includes blogs, rich forums, tagging, syndication and many other interaction methods. I can't wait for them to set up the community for CRM!

For more information on Sure Step and the new community see this announcement:

All these announcements were made today, I cant wait for other announcements to be made. I can tell that the sessions on wednesday will be very interesing for CRM users ;) Make sure you're there!


Anonymous said...

Ok, eyes & ears open. I'd sure
love to read some hot CRM news from
the Convergence...

Anonymous said...

Ronald, it was cool finally meeting you and getting to talk about Europe and the MVP program. Did you see Joel Barker's session this morning. Innovation and Verge, what a great presentation. See you at Lunch?

Anonymous said...

Dude, are you wearing your Community guru shirt today? :o)

Ronald Lemmen said...

e3Hi JaAG,

Didn't know you have a splitten personality?! One minute you're gandalfe, the other minute JaAG :)

Yes indeed I'm wearing my community guru shirt! And the dynamics vest I got from Liz ;)

What time are you going to lunch? Just mail/post/sms/call me a table number and time and i'll make sure we can lunch :)