It's been a while since my last posting. Well, for that I do have a good reason. I've been in France, Alpe d'Huez, for a week for winter holidays. Until the day before my holidays I didn't know for sure if I could go on holidays because of a high priority CRM project. Luckily for me the project has been delayed and so I have been snowboarding a week long!

I've been back for several days now but I'm still walking around with pain in my muscles. Not too weird though if you know that every day me and my friends started with a black piste for warmup and furthermore spending the day off-piste and in the funpark ;-)

Here's a picture of me with one of the jumps last week.

Are there more snowboarders who work with CRM? Or should I put it the way around: Are there more people who work with CRM and do a bit of snowboarding in their spare time? ;)

How to rename area's

Quite often I see the question "how do I rename an area in CRM v3.0?".

I could write an own example, but Arne Janning already did so in the public community. Here's his post:

In the CRM-web-client click --> Settings --> Customization --> Export Customizations --> mark Site Map --> More Actions --> Export Selected Customizations --> Hit OK on the dumb dialog.

You get a customizations.xml-file to download. In that file you'll find five area-elements: Workplace, SFA, MA, CS, Settings. These areas define the top-level structure of the "Wunderbar" (the Outlook-style navigation).

This is an example for an area-element:
<area id="SFA" shape="RECT" coords="0,0,0,0" resourceid="Area_Sales" icon="/_imgs/sales_24x24.gif" descriptionresourceid="Sales_Description">
To customize this you could add the "Title"-attribute to overwrite the ResourceId:

<area id="SFA" title="Clients" shape="RECT" coords="0,0,0,0" resourceid="Area_Sales" icon="/_imgs/sales_24x24.gif" descriptionresourceid="Sales_Description">The strucure of the sitemap is well documented in the SDK, which BTW has been updated and improved lately :o)

Microsoft CRM 3.0 SDK

Client Programming Guide --> Navigation Configuration: SiteMap

Once you have finished your customizations in the sitemap you can upload the again:

Settings --> Customization --> Import Customizations --> select your file --> upload, publish and hit F5 to reload the Wunderbar.

Hope that helps.