UPDATE: Have a drink with your fellow CRM consultants

For quite some time I've been thinking about organizing a drink for all the Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultants in the Netherlands. Mostly I've been thinking about the format. Who should be invited, should Microsoft be a sponsor etc. From one day to another, these questions were answered by Johan van Dijk. He started the "Dynamics Netwerk Borrel". He organizes drinks for consultants who are working with Dynamics CRM, AX or NAV. These drinks are sponsored by Microsoft Partners. The first drink is on the 21st of August and is sponsored by Centric. The location is in Gouda, Netherlands. Feel free to subscribe on: http://www.dynamicsnetwerkborrel.nl/

See you there!

If you're not from the Netherlands, then use this as an example and set up such a similar event. It's always nice to have some drinks with CRM consultants right?

The date has been changed to the 21st of August.