Document your CRM installation

Everybody knows the importance of documentation of a project. Thanks to Merijn van Mourik and some other guys there is a tool which can help you documenting your solution. This is a free tool which you can download from Codeplex: CRM 4 documentation.

If you want to use this tool on a standalone machine or a machine without internet connection, then you should download and install the following files first:


I do know that this is not a new tool, but not everybody heard about this before. Happy documentation!

Action Microsoft.Crm.Config.Client.InstallPstAction failed

While installing the Outlook Client, there is one error that appears to be popping up more than others:

Action Microsoft.Crm.Config.Client.InstallPstAction failed.
LaunchOutlookInstallerProcess failed.

There are some blog posts which offer solutions to this error message. If you have this message, try the following:
- Run %windir%\system32\fixmapi.exe
- Reinstall the client
- Install latest rollup of the Dynamics CRM for Outlook client (same version as on server)

Or look at the following blogs:

Now these solutions didn't fix the error for one of our clients. Thanks to my colleague Wouter de Nooij we solved this by setting the Microsoft Office language to English. Then redo the configuration (using Start > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tools > Microsoft Office 2007 Language Settings). After that the configuration succeeded. Resetting the language setting to Dutch did not result into problems, so all is well now.

One more solution to add to the list:
- Provide write access to the file C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033\MAPISVC.INF or "Program Files (x86)" for 64bit machines.

Please let me know if you find other solutions for this error message!