Improve performance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The performance of your CRM implementation is one of the key factors for customer acceptance. There are multiple options available for optimizing your system. Here's a list to get started:

Microsoft - Optimize Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0

Microsoft - Optimize Microsoft Dynamics CRM 1.2

Aaron Elder - Optimize the CRM Webservice Calls

Brein Reid - Reduce the amount of useless calls to IIS 6.0 Applications for optimal Performance

Some more tips:
- Do NOT virtualize your SQL Server.
- Run CRM from a computer with a physical network connection instead of wireless.
- In your code use as least webservice calls as posssible.
- Look in the implementation guide on how to cluster your SQL Server and/or load balance your webserver.
- If requirements allow you to do so, run the callout code asynchronous. In the callout just create an MSMQ message and create a windows service which listens to this MSMQ and execute the code.
- In imports and migrations, try to disable as many workflows and callouts as possible.

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