CrmDuplicateRecordException Error 0x80040237 “Cannot insert duplicate key.” during import of CRM Solution

So when you import a solution, then this leads to error 0x80040237 “Cannot insert duplicate key.”? Then download the solution import XML log file, open in Excel, and have a look at the name of the troubled entity.

Then unzip solution ZIP and open the customizations.xml. Find the troubled entity, the easiest is to search for:

<entity Name="[yourentity]">

Within this entity you should find something similar to this:





          <ControlDescriptionXML><controlDescriptions /></ControlDescriptionXML>




The PrimaryEntityTypeCode is from the origin/source environment. In the target environment, the PrimaryEntityTypeCode is different. This usually isn’t an issue, but somehow the system can get confused. Most likely you’ll find that the Guid for this CustomControlDefaultConfigId appears for two different PrimaryEntityTypeCodes in the target system. You can confirm this using this query:

SELECT PrimaryEntityTypeCode, * FROM CustomControlDefaultConfigBase WHERE CustomControlDefaultConfigId = '[your guid]'

If you indeed see records with different PrimaryEntityTypeCode and the same CustomControlDefaultConfigId, then this is indeed the issue. The one which doesn’t match the code from the XML file, in this example 10046, is the one from the origin environment, the other from the target environment. We should get rid of the one which matches the origin environment.

DELETE FROM CustomControlDefaultConfigBase WHERE CustomControlDefaultConfigId = '[your guid] AND PrimaryEntityTypeCode = '[PrimaryEntityTypeCode from customizations.xml]'

If after fixing this bug you’re faced with another error on the same entity, with the message ‘There should not be more than one component instance for a solution being upgraded’, then it’s getting more challenging. My advice? Contact Microsoft Support..