MS CRM Live, open-source client for mobile devices and BizTalk integration

Today at the Worldwide Partner Conference 2006 in Boston, Microsoft has reveiled new information regarding CRM. Take a look at the press release for information regarding the the MS Dynamics CRM Live service, an open-source client for mobile devices and the BizTalk Server-based integration. Press release:

I'm looking forward to these products!

New MVP's

The new Dynamics MVP's are announced:

Great Plains
Duke DelPrado
Richard Whaley
Brenner Klenzman

Ronald Lemmen
Frank Lee

Ahmed Amini
Alain Krikilion

Toni Savage

Let's congratulate them all!!

And yes, I have noticed that my name is in that list as well :) Thanks Matt Parks for nominating!!

I've added my profile to the mvp website. Click here to find me

Fix alpahabet bar in Dutch CRM

The Dutch version of CRM has a nice bug. The alphabet bar looks like:
A B C D E F G H I K K L M N O P Q R S T U V W x Y Z

As you can see, there are two bugs. The first one is the double K and the second is the lowercase x. This has finally been fixed! They are still working on the kb article pages, but you can request the fix. The KB article is: 919358. In case you can read french or italian, look here: or The other languages will come slowly, but thats not that important. Just request the fix :)

Modifying the fullname

The fullname of a contact is always "firstname lastname". Right? Well, did you know that you can modify this? Go to Settings, System Settings. There you can modify this setting to some other options!

Great :) So lets modify the fullname to "lastname, firstname". When saving this setting, CRM warns you that this only works for the new entities and not for the existing entities. If this really is a problem, then you can go into SQL and update the fullname manually. Here's the code to update the contacttable:

UPDATE contactbase SET fullname = ISNULL(lastname, '') + ', ' + ISNULL(firstname, '')

Of course you can update the contactbase with other values for the fullname as well.

Keep in mind that you NEVER update the Contact view, always the contactbase. Updating the contact view will cause problems.

Anyway, you should always make a backup of your database before making any modification to the database.