Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Has Arrived!!

David Thacher’s team did what nobody expected. They have gone RTM with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 yesterday already! Within about 2 weeks the bits will be provided for download and more information will follow really soon.

But how could Microsoft go from beta to RTM in a week? Brad Wilson (GM, Microsoft CRM Business) anwers:
Last week we announced the third drop of our Early Access program for Microsoft CRM 3.0. We released our TAP2 build in July, our TAP3 build in early October on our field readiness tour, and our RC2 build last week. This last pre-release drop was picked up by the press as our “beta”, despite the fact that it wasn’t a “beta” in the traditional sense.
We’ve now received the great news that our development team has over-delivered on their commitments by shipping CRM 3.0 early. We simply need to ensure that people understand what our Early Access program was about, and to stress the fact that we’re giving the people what they want (a production-ready version of CRM 3.0) sooner.

Please join me in congratulating David and his team!


Anonymous said...

CRM 3 rocks. We've got a few projects going with it already. Time to get the latest stuff. Let me know when you have a new VPC ready. Hope the SDK is complete now... ;-)

Ronald Lemmen said...

Hi Pieter,

I've got an VPC ready. Come and get it ;)