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Wonderfull thing blogging. I'm doing this now for more then half a year and still am having fun to continue. But more and more blogs are coming up. There's a huge list now of people blogging mostly about MS CRM. So where is this list? Everyone has got some other blogs on their blogroll, but there is no full list. Well. Here's a list of what I think is the complete list of MS CRM blogs at the moment. Starting with the Microsoft people, then MVP's and then the other bloggers. Some blogs are marked with [inactive]. Those are blogs that have mentioned to stop or which do not have any CRM related post for the last half year. Furthermore there's no logic in the ordering. Hope you find some new information which you can use!

Microsoft Bloggers:
MSCRM Team Blog
MSCRM Partner Specialist Team West region
Andrew Bybee [MS -US]
Arash Ghanaie-Sichanie [MS - US] [inactive]
Ben Riga [MS - US]
Ben Vollmer [MS - US]
Benjamin Lecoq [MS - France]
Bill Patterson [MS -US]
Charles Eliot [MS - US] [inactive]
Charly Wood [MS - US] [inactive]
David Orlander [MS - Norway (language: norwegian)]
Jason Hunt [MS - US] [inactive]
Jim Glass [MS - US]
Jon White [MS - US] [inactive]
Jonas Deibe [MS - Sweden]
Joriz Kalz [MS - Germany]
Kevin Nazemi [MS - US] [inactive / cleared]
Marcello Fisicaro [ MS - Italy]
Menno te Koppele [MS - US]
Michael Rich [MS - US] [inactive]
Michaeljon Miller [MS - US]
Michaeljon Miller [MS - US] [inactive]
Philip Richardson [MS - US]
Philip Richardson [MS - US] [inactive]
Philippe Brisaud and Vincent [MS - FR (language: french)]
Prashanth Kaankadae [MS - US]
Praveen Upadhyay [MS - US] [inactive]
Ross Dembecki [MS - Australia]
Satya Nadella [MS - US]
Simon Hutson [MS - UK]


Aaron Elder [MVP CRM - US - Ascentium]
Aaron Elder [MVP CRM - US - Invoke Systems]
Aaron Elder [MVP CRM - US - Invoke Systems] [inactive]
Aaron Elder [MVP CRM - US - Invoke Systems] [inactive]
Andreas Donaubauer [MVP CRM - Germany (language: German)]
Andrii Butenko [MVP CRM - Ukraine]
Ayaz Ahmad [MVP CRM - Pakistan - Ovex Technologies]
Darren Liu [MVP CRM - Crowe Chizek - US]
Darren Liu [MVP CRM - Crowe Chizek - US (language: chinese)]
David Jennaway [MVP CRM - Excitation Ltd - UK]
David Yack [MVP ASP.NET - US - Colorado Technology Consultants] [CRM] [ASP.NET]
Frank Lee [MVP CRM - US - Workopia]
Frank Lee [MVP CRM - US - Workopia] [inactive]
Geoffroy Gabel [MVP CRM - FR (language french)]
Guy Riddle [MVP CRM - Australia - Snapdragon]
Guy Riddle [MVP CRM - Australia - Snapdragon]
Joel Lindstrom [MVP CRM - Customer Effective - US]
John O'Donnell [MVP CRM - US - Crowe Chizek]
Larry Lentz [MVP CRM - US - Lentz Computer Services]
Leon Tribe [MVP CRM - Australia]
Marco Amoedo [MVP CRM - Spain - Plain Concepts]
Matt Wittemann [MVP CRM - US - gTECHserv]
Matt Wittemann [MVP CRM - US - gTECHserv]
Michael Höhne [MVP CRM - DE - Stunnware]
Mitch Milam [MVP CRM - US - Infinite-X]
Nithya Balasubramanian [MVP CRM - India]
Ronald Lemmen [MVP CRM - NL - Avanade]
Scott Colson [MVP CRM - US]
Umar Khan [MVP CRM - Pakistan]

Company Blogs:
C5 Insight
Sonoma Partners

Other Bloggers:
Abe Saldana [US]
Andrey Slepitsky [Russia (language: russian)]
Anne Stanton [The Norwich Group - US]
Arne Janning [Germany] [inactive]
Asle Berg [Columbus IT - Norway (language: norwegian)]
Ben Hosking [UK]
Boris Kanlica [Turkey]
Brian [US]
Cafe CRM [FR (language French) ]
Carsten Groth [Germany (language: german)]
Catherine Eibner [Cybner - Australia]
Christian B. Mortensen [Denmark]
Cornel Croitoriu [Romania]
Craig Hamer
David Fronk [Dynamic Methods - US]
David Hawes [Avanade - UK]
Dejan Dular [Slovenia]
Douglas Leung [Unique World - Australia]
Erik van Hoof [CWR Mobility - NL]
Gagandeep Singh
Gareth Tucker [Avanade - Singapore]
George Doubinski [Australia]
Greg Owen [UK]
Guenter [ - Austria]
Gustaf Westerlund [Logica CMG - Sweden]
Hans Veldman [ACI - Netherlands]
Henry Cordes [Avanade - Netherlands]
Hero [India]
Ibrahim Sukari [RightServ - Australia]
Imran [Pakistan]
Imran [inactive]
Jeff Bennett [Solutions Consulting Group] [inactive]
John O'Connor [US]
John Straumann [Canada]
John Straumann [Canada] [inactive]
Julian Sharp [active again!]
Keith Delarge [Aspective - UK]
Kjell-Sverre Jerijærvi [Objectware - Norway]
Luis Mazario [Spain (language: Spanish)]
Maarten Dominicus [NL]
Mads Nissen [Norway] [inactive]
Maik Roempagel
Marcello Tonarelli [VAR Group - Italian]
Mario Raunig [ - Austria]
Mike Snyder [Sonoma Partners - US]
Mike Taylor [UK]
Neil Huffman [Productivegap - US]
Oguz KIRIS [Turkey]
Olivier Furnemont [METRUM SàRL - LUX]
Oshri Cohen [Canada]
Peter Florijn [NL] -
Peter Maude [inactive]
Phil Adams
Pierre Hulsebos [EHTC - US]
Rich Oyler & Nicholas Cole [Saratogaus - US]
Rob Bakkers [Avanade - NL] [inactive]
Robert MacLean [South Afrika]
Robert Peledie [UK]
Robert Peledie [UK]
Roberto Nocera [Avanade - Italy (language: italian)]
Roberto Vecchio [Italy (language: italian)]
Ron Kane [Scotland]
Ross Lotharius [Ascentium - USA]
Ryan Farley [inactive]
Sandor Schellenberg [Atos Origin - NL]
Seidl Michael [Germany (language english/german)]
Seth Kircher [Navint - US]
Stéphane Dorrekens [Belgiu]
Stephen Maij [SeeSharp - NL]
Steve Boyce [UK]
Wim Coorevits [U2U - Belgium]
Wolter Kreun [Netherlands]
Wolter Kreun [Netherlands]
Xavier Courchinoux

General CRM Blogs
Aina Neva Fiati [Indonesia]


Anonymous said...

Aaron Elder's Blog has moved to:

Thanks for the list... :-)


Ronald Lemmen said...

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the info. I've updated the list :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ron - You can Add me to your list :)

Great List!


Ronald Lemmen said...

Hi Mr. Dave,

You're added to the list as well.


Anonymous said...

Excellent List.. I will update my link list with the info. FYI Guy Riddle is an MVP.

Ronald Lemmen said...

Hi Anne,

Thanks for your message. I've updated the list and added Rob Bakkers (MVP - NL - Avanade) as well.

Kind regards

Anonymous said...

Check your spelling of Sonoma. ;o)

And thanks for doing this!

Ronald Lemmen said...

Thanks JaAG,

I've updated the name.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ron - Can you add me to your list?


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronald,

You should include my blog as well:


Anonymous said...

You do realise, that you are now the "official" owner of the CRM blogger's list and it's now up to you to keep it fresh :-)

Nice one, Simon

Ronald Lemmen said...

Hurray! A real responsibility!

No really, I'm fine with that. I'll keep the list up to date as good as possible. Some help is appreciated though ;)

Unknown said...

Hey Ron - since you added me to your list, I split off my CRM blog from to
- the CRM one is now 100% CRM and the main blog is general Dev stuff like Workflow, Team System , ASP.NET AJAX - feel free to keep both listed - but since apparently you are the "official" list now :) I should let you know!


Anonymous said...

Great List! Thanks for doing this.

Marco Amoedo

Anonymous said...

Great list !!

Looking forward to read through them all :)

By the way, our blog has moved to

- David Orlander

Brian Begley said...

Hey Ben - Great idea to put this list together - Could you add my blog to this list???



Anonymous said...

Thanks Ron - You can Add me to your list.

I have just started this blog, but I hope to start having some new content by the next week or so. I appreciate all the information that you and the other MVPs have posted. I have learned a ton, since being introduced to MS CRM a couple of months ago.


Ronald Lemmen said...

Thanks for all the comments! I've updated the list again with the latest information. Keep the comments coming and I'll keep updating!

Anonymous said...

You can add my blog at your list -

Andrey Slepitsky

Dave said...

Missing me =) Dave Abraham

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronald,

Could you add me to your list please?


Ronald Lemmen said...

Both are added.


Anonymous said...

You can add mine as well

Anonymous said...

Can ya add my blog to the roll too.

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Anonymous said...

No blog, but very interesting for your readers: Here are almost all available add-ons for Microsoft CRM listed.
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


Your list shamed me that I was inactive and so I am blogging again at


Julian Sharp

Ronald Lemmen said...

Great move Julian! I've set you back to active again :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Roland, please change my Site, thats wrong what in your list

Seidl Michael [EMGEH Software - Germany]

please change it to

Seidl Michael [German/English CRM Blog]

Ronald Lemmen said...

Hi Seidl,

I've modified your url and added german and english to the description. I haven't modified the info between the brackets. That shows what company you're related to and the country you're coming from.


Douglas Leung said...

My Gosh, there's soooo many CRM blogs! must have taken you alot of time to compile it. Thanks very much for the effort.

I started blogging on CRM and SharePoint a few months back, so perhaps you might want to make your list that little more complete?

Thanks :)

Ronald Lemmen said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronald, but Emgeh Sofware is only a blogroll from a friend, so that doesnt fit. :-)

Divya Sekaran said...

hi Ronald,
how to create multi select Lookup in javascript for MSCRM.

Ronald Lemmen said...

Hi Divya,

There is no supported way to do this and I am not aware of an unsupported way.. Maybe the custom lookup by Stunnware does this, but i'm not sure about that.

A workaround would be to create a custom aspx page which represents a lookup and than handle all the logic in there.

Hope this helps,

Ron said...

Hi Ron,

Can you add me to your list, I have only just started blogging so I hope to add more content soon.

Ron (another one)

Ron said...


Thanks for leaving the comment. I have been working on the site layout at lunchtime and I have put up a link with my email address.

My full name is Ron Kane and at the moment I am just blogging on my own as I won't tell my company about this unless it really takes off and until then it would not be fair to be using their name. However if someone in Glasgow wants CRM they can always email me and I will pass them onto my salesman ;)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Ronald!

Please add my blog:

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be a pain Ronald but I've 'improved' my URL!

In your own time...of course

Anonymous said...

Hi ,
i want to get all the attributes display name of an entity in a dropdown list in .net using can i get the entity's attributes display name listed.Do u have any code?

Anonymous said...

Hello Ronald...I would like to post a new blog for latin america users (it´s written in spanish, portuguese and english)...

Thank you.

Ronald Lemmen said...


You can look in the sdk for the metadata service. There is an example in there under the topic "About the MetadataService". This should get you started.

Also, for these questions, please use the public newsgroups as you will get answer from a whole pool of experts.

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

Hey Ronald,

Thanks a lot for the list.

Could you also publish out an OPML of this blog list so that it is easy to import for the lazy :)

-Girish Raja.

Gustaf Westerlund said...

I run a popular blog concerning Microsoft CRM and SharePoint, you can find it at:

Gustaf Westerlund

Hans Veldman said...

Hello Ronald,

Can you add my blog also to your list. I am a colleague of Sandor Schellenberg. My blog is:
Many thanks in advance.


Hans Veldman

Anonymous said...

it's not a crm blog but has a usefull article about crm.

Oshri Cohen said...

Hi, i just started a new CRM development blog.

my name is Oshri Cohen and the blog can be found at:

Have a great day
Oshri Cohen

Anonymous said...

Great list Ronald! ;)
If you think you can add "Roblog" to the list


CSC said...

Hi Ronald,
Nice list you have here, may I use it too? By the way, if you consider adding my link in your list, I'd be honored. My blog is
Best regards,

Greg said...

Hi Ronald

Thought if I let you know about my blog, you could decide if it's worth adding to your list or not :)

Best wishes


Dejan Dular said...

Hey Ronald! Can you add my blog as well?

Anonymous said...

It would be an honour to be listed in the blog list

Take a look
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Wolter Kreun said...


See my blog, it's about my google map solution...

Wolter Kreun

The idea generator said...

Hi Ronald,

would you add my blog in your list?

thank you.. :)

Anonymous said...

Another great new blof to add!

Rich Oyler

Anonymous said...

Since I finally blogging about Microsoft CRM 4.0 in a decent fashion (compared to the trickle I had for MSCRM 3.0) you can add me now:

Ronald Lemmen said...

Everybody should be added to the list again!

Anonymous said...

Hello Ronald, can you add my blog to your list.

Ross Lotharius

Ronald Lemmen said...

And Ross is added as well.

Catherine said...

Hi Ronald,

This is a great list! Thanks for putting it together.

I too am relatively new to this blogging business but tend to cover CRM, SSIS, CRM development & system integration in my Blog - so could you please add it to your list as well?

Thanks so much,


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronald,

are you still maintaining the list? If yes, I'd appreciate if you add


Baris said...

Hi Ronald,

I'm from Turkey.
You can Add Me to your list
Post languages are Turkish and English.


Anonymous said...

Great list! Please add us as well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ron! Could you add our blog to your list?

Great list and great info! Keep having fun and thanks!


Anonymous said...

Christian B. Mortensen :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronald..

It's me again... :)
Would you change my blog to ? I just totally renew the content, anyway...


hero said...

hi ronald,
I have my CRM blog at

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronald,

would be nice of you, if you could at my blog to your list. ;)

Thx in advance!

Anonymous said...

Very nice list... thanks for sharing

Oguz KIRIS said...
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Stephen Maij said...

Hey Ronald,

Mij mag je ook toevoegen..

Anonymous said...

Wow, keep up the good work maintaining this list!
I also joined the great world of CRM bloggers. Can you add it?



Anonymous said...

Hi Ronald...

My mate Luis Mazario and my self have a blog about CRM 4.0:

The name of this blog is CRMLandia and it is in Spanish.

Please include our blog in your list if you agree.

Thank you for this list os CRM blogs.

Best regards.

Nacho Peiro

physicist said...

Hi Ronald,

I need to add an icon in the Admin/admin.aspx page of Ms CRM 4.0
The icon similar to icons like "users","security roles" and mine will actually point to a Dlr management which i ve designed in CRM Could you please help me in this regard.

When i navigate to the CRM tools/admin/admin.aspx it jus gives me a page with a single line stating that it inherits from "Microsoft.crm.web.adminpage".

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronald, can you change the name associated with to Robert Peledie? David isn't blogging on crmrocks any more. You can also add if you like, as I'm looking after that as well. Thanks. Robert Peledie

Ibrahim S. said...

Hi Ronald,

I have also created a blog dedicated to CRM & Sharepoint.

can you please add it?


Gagan said...

Hi Ron,

You can add me too.

Gagandeep Singh

Anonymous said...

Superbe list. Many compliments.
I am italian and I have a blog about more Microsoft Technologies like CRM, SharePoint, BizTalk, Project Server, etc ...

can you include my blog in your CRM blog list ?

Thank You

Marcello Tonarelli, Florence, Italy

Erhan Akova - Dynamics CRM ,ASP.Net,C# said...

It is very nice to see such a nice list.

Unknown said...

Could you add my blog to hall of Fame?

Gagan said...

Hi Ron,

Could you correct my blogs URL?? It is

Thanks and Regards,
Gagandeep Singh

Unknown said...

Hi Ronald,
I've just checked your blog list and I see that my blog address is the old one...
Can you update it with: please ?
Also I don't work for Metrum anymore :-)
Thanks in advance!

Leon Tribe said...

Room for another MVP blog?

Leon Tribe

Don Revs said...

thanks for the list. you just saved a lot of time.

Stéphane Dorrekens said...

Hi Ronald,
Could add this blog from Belgium ?
Thanks and Have a nice day,

Anonymous said...

Excellent list of blogs

could you add my blog

Phil said...

Hi Ron,
Can you add us to your list

A new blog from the Microsoft Consulting Services team in the UK

Anonymous said...

I think your list needs one more blog listed:



Jamie Miley said...

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Hey... Thanks for Sharing such a nice information with us. Its really very very helpful for me...

Thanks Again.

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Awesome list, can you please add our company feed blog detailing CRM integration tools :

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Colleague Craig:


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Please include our blog in your list, we are regularly adding good quality content focused for dynamics CRM.

this is our url

many thanks

steve boyce

Anonymous said...
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Nan said...

A very long list. You can add my blog also.

ERBrains said...

Hi Ronald
Nice List

SeikoShadow said...

Hello Ron,
I've been writing for a personal CRM & SharePoint blog over the past year and a half or so, even if you don't want to add it to this list I'd certainly appreciate some constructive feedback.

Much appreciated,

opalcrm said...

Hi, nice information is given in this blog. Thanks for sharing this type of information, it is so useful for me. nice work keep it up
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