FetchXML Builder

Some time ago Microsoft organized the code contest. Users have been asked to share their greatest assets with the community. One of the winners is James Downey. He has created the FetchXML Builder: a free user-friendly tool for building and testing FetchXML statements.

Today I have been able to use this tool in my development project. It works very intuitive, at least for people having fetchxml knowledge. I would recommend everybody to download the tool and use it to reduce the time needed for figuring out how to set up the xml. Go to the CRM Sandbox download page and scroll to "FetchXML Builder".

James, thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Link is not working please update that as soon as possible..
thanks to share.


Syed Aziz ur Rahman said...

You can get the tool from here


Ronald Lemmen said...

Thanks Syed!