Maximum amount of records in Excel export

I'm very busy at the moment (just like you all probably), so just a small post. The default for the Excel export is a maximum of 10.000 records. If you need to export more, then you'd need to modify a registery setting. Follow the next steps to achieve this:

- Start Regedit
- Navigate to HKLMachine\Software\Microsoft\MSCRM
- Create a new DWORD value named 'maxrecordsforexporttoexcel'
- Give the new value any value (minimum is 500)



Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this information. Tried it and it worked great. You might want to also add that you can make this change on the Server so that if you are using the web browser interface for the excel exports it would work for those users as well.

Clifford W Gray - Network Engineer / Sr. SQA Analyst
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Ronald Lemmen said...

Hi Clifford,

Thanks for your valueable comment. The code should indeed be changed on the server. I have not tested this for the outlook clients.

Kind regards,


Peter van Amerongen said...

This isn't working in CRM 4.0 anymore.

To change the value in 4.0 follow these steps:

1: Open the organization database (organization_MSCRM)
2: Open the table OrganizationStatisticBase
3: Change the column MaxRecordsForExportToExcel to the desired number of records.

4: I did an iisreset also, can't tell you at this time if it is required or not.

Anonymous said...

*I found the MaxRecordsForExportToExcel column in the OrganizationBase table

Anonymous said...

There isn´t table called OrganizationStatisticBase in our CRM 4.0!

There isn´t column named MaxRecordsForExportToExcel in OrganizationBase table!

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon!
I found the column described for CRM 4.0 in the table Organization Base. When I change the value in SQL and exit the column, a red circle with an exclamation point appears in the column. Do I continue and save or is there something else that should be changed?

Anonymous said...

You have to recycle the app pool of the front-end CRM web server after making this change. Also, it appears to only allow you to limit in multiples of 500 - if you set something like say 650 rows, you'll get 1000.

mkatsev said...

Changing the value to 100000 worked! I was going crazy! There was a mailing list to process 'yesterday'. No, I am in a good shape!
Thanks, Peter!

Unknown said...
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Rajesh said...

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