Guest star on mscrm team blog

Jim Glass e-mailed me some time ago. This was the content:

Ronald, would you like to be the CRM Team blog guest blogger for February? You can select any work day in February.

Let me know what you think,


Obviously Jim is a man of less words, but with these words he did make me a very happy person. I was personally invited to write a blog post for the number 1 blog around MS CRM. And today is the day that my article is published. So go ahead and read the article about the many possibilities of many-to-many relationships in MS Dynamics CRM 3.0!


Jeffry @ CWR Mobility said...

Gefeliciteerd Ronald! Ik ga je post ze even lezen :)

Jeffry @ CWR Mobility said...

ze = zo natuurlijk...

Ronald Lemmen said...

Thanks Jeffry, ben er best blij mee. Zowel de persoonlijke uitnodiging als het resultaat :)

Veel leesplezier!