CRM 5.0 Features

Now that CRM 4.0 is available for almost a year, it is good to start thinking about what investmenst you will make in the coming period and which functionality can wait until the has been released. In this topic I'll list some of the most interesting features that Microsoft has said to be working on:
- Adding auditing capabilities out of the box
- Deeply integrate SharePoint with CRM for instance for document management
- Improve crm platform for use in a call center. Less mouse-clicks, less keystrokes
- Reduce the amount of popup screens to improve the usability
- Extend the activities with Voice and IM channels as well as allowing recurring activities
- Improve e-mail marketing, including attachments to emails
- Improve application maintenance including cascading/hierarchical pick-lists, streamlined management for hosted environments and integration with Visual Studio
There are some nice look and feel changes of course like the inclusion of the Microsoft Office Ribbon bar, but I don't expect that many organizations are looking to do this themselves.
For more information regarding the direction of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, look at the paper Statement of Direction on Customersource or Partnersource.
More information on CRM 5.0 you can find at the presentations which were given at the PDC:
A summary of these presentations including screenshots can be found at Simon Hutson's blog.


Greg said...

Also confirmed verbally at a recent event: "Ability to create own/custom Activity Types" - now we could create custom entities for "SMS Message", "Web Visit" etc with all the capabilities of the intrinsic activity records.

Ronald Lemmen said...

I love to hear more and more features which will be in the product, but everybody should keep in mind that Microsoft had more often decided to drop features on the last moment in order to get a release out.

Adding the ability to add custom activities would be very welcome though! I have seen many situations where I needed this functionality before.

Dinesh said...


Satrajit said...

Are they planning to give a FLS and/or RBUI as well ?

Ronald Lemmen said...

Dear Satrajit,

There has not been any communication around Field Level Security or Role Based UI yet. Therefore I cannot comment on your question. You can find the official communication in the Statement of Direction letters on PartnerSource or CustomerSource.

Kind regards,