Using Advanced Find for FetchXML builder v4.0

Some time ago I have written an article about how to use the Advanced Find as FetchXML builder. Today I tried using the javascript:prompt() method on a CRM 4.0 deployment and found out that the code doesn't work anymore. This alert script does still work though.


A slightly different code which might be easier to remember is:


With the popup selected you can press copy+c and paste the result in a notepad window.


Anonymous said...

You can use javascript:alert(advFind.FetchXml) to get FetchXml from Advance Find.

Van Le said...

Hey Ronald,

Cool code,

Is there anyway to alert a value from an Iframe using this code ?


Ronald Lemmen said...

Hi Van Tay,

With Javascript you can do about everything. From a page you can access the iFrame and therefore all attributes on an iFrame. I would suggest that you download the "IE developer toolbar" and look around some websites for JavaScript examples.

Good luck!

Van Le said...

Thanks Ronland, i will continue looking