Dynamics CRM and NAV Integration

Many newsletters get into my mailbox and there are just a few which I read. One of them is the newsletter from my friends at Scribe. Especially in this newsletter, great news is made public. They will be releasing the NAV Adapter for Scribe Insight next month! This means that you will be able to integrate NAV with any other database or product where they do have an adapter for. Of course for Microsoft Dynamics CRM such an adapter is developed. So from next month on, you can easily integrate NAV with Microsoft CRM by using Scribe Insight!

For more info look at: http://www.scribesoftware.com/microsoft-dynamics-nav.asp

Or join any of the following webinars:

Announcing the Scribe Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Tuesday, February 19, 2008 11:00a.m. US ET/4p.m. GBT

Announcing the Scribe Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Tuesday, February 26, 2008 11:00a.m. US ET/4p.m. GBT

There are more companies who have created an integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NAV. I haven't performed research on which exist, but I've seen some in the comments section already *smile*


Gustaf Westerlund said...

The Celenia CRM Connector is also a very good connector for connecting CRM with NAV. You can find more info here: http://www.celenia.com/page1249.aspx?recordid1249=24

It is has been made specifically for CRM and NAV.

Unknown said...

----Shameless self promotion----

EHTC has created an integration with CRM and Dynamics SL. We use the Scribe Insight as our engine. We have written our own connectors between Scribe and SL

I have written extensively about the technical details on my blog

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronald, you may replace this post, just let me know where I can find the answer :)
We have CRM 3.0. I have to create a rule in Workflow for 2 situations:
1. Our Account has fields for antivirus certificate number (AVCN), date of purchase (AVDP) etc. Most of our customers buy AV product some time later after we created an account for them. AV product should be renewed one year later after date of purchase. Some of customers renew it, some of them go on with another product, some of them delay with new purchase.
We have to remind a customer about expiry date one month before that date (by a phone call and email).
In a Workflow when you create an activity like a phone call, you’ll see a Due field, which counts from the date when the rule has been activated (in my case – when AVDP is not null). But AVDP almost is not the same as the date when I insert the information about the product.
How to make the due date of activity be depended on AVDP (not on date of activating the rule)?
How to create an activity for follow-up actions (when the AVDP is not null already but has been changed some time later on)? How to make the rule react on this change? It has to be created new ph. call and email activity with a due date 11 months after the AVDP.
Sometimes customers buy a new AV product long time before an expiry date of current one. So, I have to change the data. New activities are supposed to appear. But what is going to happen with activities created for previous product (unexpectedly “fired”)? Is it possible to make a rule for cleaning up un-needed activities automatically?
I must be a genius to do this!!
2. A new account is created. At the same time the package of some activities (like Backup Service or ph. Call about that service etc) must be created automatically. It’s not a problem.
The problem is that some activities like backup have to be done for accounts category Special (or something like that, not a standard) every 3 months (4 times a year). They have to appear in a schedule (at least one year ahead). Once again – clean-up. If an account category has been changed to standard again, the backup service is not needed any more (and suppose to disappear from a schedule).

Thank you very much for your time :)


Anonymous said...

my email tania@futureit.co.nz


Marc said...

Crmextensions and Visionpeople have made a real time integration tool called "Vision CRM Connector".

Anonymous said...

ping back from http://www.castorsoft.com/articles/2008.1.29.htm