Unable to browse for Active directory objects

While installing CRM (both CRM 3.0 as well as 4.0), you might run into the error message

Unable to browse for Active directory objects

This error message can appear when you press "Browse" after selecting the Organizational Unit in Active Directory. There are some possible solutions which could cause this issue. Think about the following:

- Are you logged in with an account to the domain instead of the local machine
- Is the server member of the domain
- Are you logged as a user with sufficient rights in CRM? If possible, try to use a domain admin.

There has been posted a possible solution to the public newsgroups as well by Merlin:
I was installing on a fresh domain within the same network, and got this error. I set up the new domain's DNS and still got the error. However, since I was on the same network subnet, my servers were getting their DNS from the primary domain's DNS server, which had no knowledge of my test domain's domain controller. So I turned on zone transfers between the 2 domains. Now my servers can find their domain controller via DNS and I can browse that domain's AD.

Hope this helps you further!


Anonymous said...

ping back from http://www.castorsoft.com/articles/2008.1.28.htm

Anonymous said...

You are great!! You save me so much time every time I read your blogs!

Francis said...

Hi Ronald,

I am have the same error message and I have tried all the possible solutions you mentioned but none seem to work for me.

Please do you where I could get additional help on this?

Thanks in Advance.

Ronald Lemmen said...

Hi Francis,

If these solutions do not help you, I would suggest you do open a support incident with Microsoft. Of course I would be very interested in any other solution to the same issue.

Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

You rock! I feel like a bonehead for not noticing that i was logged in under the machine account. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thanks! Great post Ronald. I didn't realized I was logging into the machine!

ferds said...

How do you turn on DNS ? please help