Change the CRMAppPool Identity

Most likely this is recorded in a thousand places, but I had a hard time finding info about what steps need to be taken to change the identity of the CrmAppPool. All you need to do is:
- Create a user in Active Directory
- Make sure the user has Domain User rights
- Add the user to the PrivUserGroup of CRM
- Make sure the user has 'log on as a service' priviledge

The last step can be executed on two approaches:
- Go to 'Local Security Policy' in the administrative tools ('Domain Controller Secuirty Settings' on a Domain Controller) and add the user to 'Log on as a service'
- Add the user to the CRM_WPG group in AD. This group is member of the 'Log on as a service' policy.

Hope this saves you some time, at least now that I have this documented here I can find it back *smile*


James Kent said...


I have been working on an auditing plugin for CRM 4.0 and have made it available via Codeplex.


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Mira Ghaly said...

when i changed the identity of the CRMappPool the CRM gives me error "Access is denied"