Plugin registration tools for Visual Studio 2005

The newest update of the SDK, version 4.0.8, includes updated projects for the plugin registration tool as well as the plugin developer tool. While I usually am pleased with updates, this update could cause some issues for some people. The updated projects are build in Visual Studio 2008 whereas they used to be build in Visual Studio 2005. This means that you will not be able anymore to run the projects on machines running VS2005 including the demo VPC.

I've luckily backupped the previous SDK and uploaded both the Visual Studio projects so that you can download them if neccesary:

Plugin Registration VS2005 (zip)
Plugin Developer VS2005 (zip)

Of course you could remove the solution file, create a new solution and add the current project as well, but the downloads work just as good.

Good luck with building your plugins!

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